1.1 Prices:

- Prices quoted in rands are deemed net, excluding shipping.
- This price includes the price of the products, the costs of handling, packaging and preservation of the products.
- They can be changed at any time without notice, knowing that the items will be billed on the basis in effect at the time of registration of the order.
- All orders are invoiced in rands and payable in rands.

1.2 Payment:

- You have several means of payment offering maximum security:

A. By credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard ...) on the site.

B. By Paypal

C. With Bitcoin

D. Other payment options registered with payfast.

- Payment is made on the secure banking servers of our partners. This implies that no banking information about you passes out from our website, ""

- Payment is perfectly secure; your order will be registered and validated upon acceptance of the payment by the bank.

1.3 Data Protection:

- Otaku Clothing SA® is the owner of all or part of the databases that make up this site.

- Therefore by accessing this site, the customer acknowledges that the data component is legally protected, and prohibits including extract, reuse, store, reproduce, represent or keep, directly or indirectly, on any type of support, by any means and in any form whatsoever, all or part qualitatively or quantitatively substantial, of the contents of the databases appearing on the site to which it has access.

1.4 Applicable Law:

- All clauses contained in these general conditions of sale, as well as all the purchase and sale operations referred to therein, will be subject to the South African law.

1.5 Acceptance of the Acquirer:

- The present general conditions of sale as well as the tariffs are expressly approved and accepted by the purchaser, who declares and recognizes to have a perfect knowledge of it, and renounces, therefore, to take advantage of any contradictory document and, in particular, its own general conditions of purchase, the act of purchase resulting in acceptance of these general conditions of sale.

- The present conditions are modifiable at any time without notice by Otaku Clothing SA® Update of the general conditions of sale on 24 February 2021.


1.1 When will I receive my order?

- Shipping is nationwide (South Africa,) and includes provincial outliers.
- If the order doesn't arrive within 10 days of purchase, please check the tracking number and email us at

1.2 Do I get a tracking number?

- Yes, once payment has cleared and your order has been shipped, you will recieve an order number via email.

1.3 I'm having issues in tracking my order?

- Generally, when we ship your package, it is been processed by the courier, then they scan and and enter the tracking information.
There might be a delay between these events, therefore the tracking information may not appear immediately.

- The reasons of this might be one of the followings:

The courier hasn't accepted your package yet.
The courier hasn't scanned or entered the tracking information in the system.

- If the order doesn't arrive within 10 days of purchase, please check the tracking number and email us at

1.4 How much will shipping cost me?

- The standard shipping fee is R120 per order and should arrive within 2-7 days from placing the order.

Return Policy:

Due to goods being returned in bad condition or after being used, we will not refund any garments or items after 10 days from purchase.
If there is a complaint, please follow below.

1.1 What do I do if I am unhappy with my order?
- You send us pictures of your problem with the product.
- If you are eligible to receive a new package, a package will be sent back to you at no charge and you can keep your first product!
- You can choose the same products ordered or a different order with a value equal to the first item.
- Example: You ordered a R800 pair of pants that was damaged during shipping => You can choose a product between R0 and R800.
- You can only receive one return per purchase.

1.2 How to qualify for a refund/return?

- The package has been severly damaged during shipping.

- A general manufacturing defect that is not insignificant.

Please note: We are open to listen to other complaints if you have any, but we do not reimburse customers unless it is a fault not of their own neglegence.

1.3 What you need to do?

- Email us at and give us your order number.
- Send us photos of the product defect.
- If you want to receive the same product or another of the same value, state this in the email.

1.4 We strive to give our customers only the best quality and go through QA on every garment - Therefore if there is a significant defect, please inform us even if you
do not intend to ask for a refund. We would like to keep all of our customers happy!


I acknowledge that this Otaku Order form contains my personal information as defined in the Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013 (Act No. 4 of 2013) (the “Act”). By completing this order I consent to the processing of my personal information in accordance with the requirements of the Act. While I acknowledge that I cannot unreasonably withhold my consent, I have been informed that Otaku must collect and process my personal information for a specific explicitly defined purpose; that the purpose for processing my personal information in this instance is to authenticate the information for this order and that any further processing of my personal information must be compatible with this purpose only.

Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh™ embarks on a new narrative where free thinking inspires a pioneering format for the future, where the age of imagination is the product of reality.

Inspired by Virgil’s vision and approach to his art, Off-White™ nourishes a collective of creative minds that represent the best in their category and have a strong and personal connection with Virgil. Ibrahim’s relationship with Virgil and Off-White™, born and nurtured through Instagram DMs, blossomed both personally and professionally over the last 3 years creating a strong bond based on mutual respect and shared values.

“Making a successful luxury brand in nine years is genius. It’s a feat that I admire and hope to continue building upon with a rich legacy. He revolutionised streetwear and luxury that crosses generations and decades. He showed the world that the underrepresented, the underdogs and Black people, in particular, have brilliant minds and can push and compete equally in the establishment. He inspired hope and brought about change.” - Ibrahim Kamara, Art&Image Director Off-White™

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